Insurance for Churches

There are a number of risks that every church should consider insuring against and some that are compulsory.  The list grows when property and a lender are added into the equation. Here are some of them:

Public Liability and Property Owner’s Liability

This offers protection against claims for injury etc. by anyone visiting premises.

Employers Liability

This is legally required by any organisation that employs people, including volunteers.

Buildings Insurance

The full reinstatement cost of building will be required by the lender with their interest noted on the policy.

Contents Insurance

This offers protection against theft, fire, flood and in some case accidental damage.

Key-person Insurance

Life or long term injury cover for key leaders/trustees/staff may be required by the lender.

Other Insurance Cover

In addition to the above churches/charities should consider All Risks Cover, Trustees Indemnity Insurance, Event insurance and Motor Insurance, which is legally required for any vehicles.

The Charity Commission’s guidance CC49 “Charities and Insurance” is recommended.

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